Mivena-CRF, consistently most reliable CRF-coating on the market

Mivena controlled release fertilizers-CRF

We as Mivena use one high quality biodegradable coating for our controlled release fertilizer brands as Granucote®CRF (Turfcare market), Horti-Cote®CRF (Substrate market) and Field-Cote®CRF ( Fieldgrown market). Our CRF products have only one variable, “temperature” in the nutrient release. With this quality we have more control of release in our cultivations as we have more variables such as moisture.

In our Horti-Cote®CRF and Field-Cote®CRF the trace elements are coated, so they have a controlled release during the longevity of the total CRF product. In some cases, we can produce specific products on customer demand.

Figure 1 Working Mivena-CRF coating -Urea products

Most reliable and stable release on the market
We can proudly say, that the Mivena coating technology has proven itself, to be very reliable over the last 2 decades. In particular, the stable, safe, high-end release curve is what sets Mivena products as Horti-Cote Plus, Field-Cote CRF and Granucote CRF apart from other products in the market.

A quality of Mivena’s coatings technology is, that it does not react excessively to temperature increases. That makes the product very safe, due to the not high start, to use in multiple circumstances even at higher doses. Our partners such as trail centers, laboratories and field trials are an important link in our success.

Biodegradable coating
In addition to the release of the coating, we also have to look at environmental aspects, such as degradability of the coating. Our Mivena coating is a fully biodegradable coating and consists organic components.

We are currently actively working on further optimizing of the coating regarding degradability. This puts us on track for the new EU regulations on degradability for 2024. As it stands now, all coated fertilizers registered in the EU must meet the requirement in 2024:

  • The polymer is able to physically and biologically decompose in natural soil conditions and aquatic environments across the Union. Carbon dioxide, biomass and water should be the only product left after decomposition;
  • The conversion of organic carbon into carbon dioxide should be at least 90% in a maximum period of 48 months after the end of the indicated functionality period of the EU fertilizing product, and as compared to an appropriate standard in the biodegradation test;
  • The use of polymers does not result in accumulation of plastics in the environment.

Mivena is an RHP-certified company for almost 10 years now
RHP has been the European knowledge centre for growing media since 1963. RHP certified substrates provide an optimal start of the culture. With the RHP quality mark you increase the security, that the substrate complies with the quality requirements concerning for instance water uptake, air content, pH, EC and nutrients. It also offers more security, that the substrate is clean and that it can be used without risks for the culture. The RHP quality mark monitors the quality of growing media in the chain, from raw materials production until processing and delivery at the company of the user.

Mivena is an RHP-certified company for substrate products, as Horti-Cote Plus CRF.

For more information or questions, contact your Mivena contact person or distributor in your area.