Maximum result with second application Horti-Cote Plus CRF 2M

Efficient use of fertilizers is the basis of Mivena’s strategy. Coated fertilizers have proven themselves, as a very efficient way of application with minimal loss of nutrients. These coated fertilizers have been introduced, as standard basic fertilization in strawberry tray plants the last decades.

In practice, this basic fertilization is often supported by water-soluble fertilizers WSF as Granusol WSF. These water-soluble applications appear to be less efficient. The majority of the applied WSF fertilizers do not end up where we want them to be, in the tray. It is also not always very practical, to get the right higher amount of fertilizers in the tray at desired period.

From PC Hoogstraten trial centre Meerle, we were asked to think along about mixing a lower basic fertilizer into the substrate. Due to recirculation of the water, the input appears to be higher, than desired in the initial period. (planting period). At first sight, this was not a logical choice for us, as we use the CRF fertilizers as the most efficient fertilization for tray plants.

At the same time, we also set-up a trial with our partners from Delphy with CRF supplementary fertilizers in the perennials at BerryPlaza applied a 2nd application in September with very good results.

This method of fertilization makes it possible, to lower the basic fertilization in substrate, as desired. And then, when the plantneed is maximum, apply the right amount nutrition’s with Horti-Cote Plus 2M.

The results of several years of trials with our partners are very promising and offer perspective for the future. Results proved to be very interesting with a 2nd CRF application are not only for strawberry June-bearing varieties, but also for ever-bearers.

This 2nd CRF application method is followed, with great interest by our growers and is already being used.

There are different methods to dose this 2nd gift on the tray on the right way. In the meantime, more and more good ways of applying for this are available.