Focus on tree nurseries

Over the past years, we as Mivena have developed a large package of fertilizers for the tree nurseries. It is therefore time to put these products in the spotlights.

For container cultivation we have Horti-Cote® CRF and Horti-Cote® CRF Plus. Both products are 100% coated. ‘Plus’ stands for the addition of trace elements. Horti-Cote® is the best solution because it has the most flat curve in the market (nice slow and safe start), very safe in usage, best results in trials in Holland, Germany and Poland.

These are a perfect base fertilizer and we have them in different analyses:

  • Standard: 15+6+11+2MgO+TE
  • High K: 13+10+18+2MgO+TE

The longevities of this product vary from 2 to 16 months.

We also have a Horti-Cote® Topdress (Special) CRF version, which is excellent for (extra) fertilization at the top of the container. Best topdress product in the market from a 3 years research in Germany (Sxhleswig Holstein).

Here we also have 2 analyses:

  • Standard: 21+5+10+3MgO+TE
  • High K: 14+7+20+2MgO+TE

The longevities of these products vary from 3 to 8 months.

Arbo-Cote® CRF is an excellent solution for planting plantings or transplanting into large containers. Very good results in conifers crop (P9 to C3). This fertilizer is not 100% coated and therefore has a higher starting effect. Here we have a standard analysis: 17+5+13+6MgO+TE. The longevities of these products vary from 6 to 12 months.

For open field cultivation, we have Field-Cote® CRF in several analyses, depending on the cultivation. The longevities of these products vary from 4 to 8 months.

Our newest addition for the tree nurseries is the Field-Cote® Smart CRF, a plant hole application. We have done several tests with this product in the Netherlands in recent years and the results are more than promising. In the trials with Delphy we see every time that the plants have more volume with 40% less fertilizers. That is a big step is reducing fertilizers in the future. You can find more info in the following link.

If you are triggered to hear more about our opportunities in tree nurseries, please contact your local distributor or local Mivena sales person.