Focus on iNova Green


iNova Green is a company founded by Thomas Fischer, a household name in the German golf industry. They have been a Mivena importer for about 10 years now and have built a solid market segment and a very good reputation. The focus is on turfcare, football, golf and public green especially.

The combination of the expertise of Thomas Fischer and his sales-agent Tino Beyer on the German turf-market and the flexibility of Mivena have led to the development of several new fertiliser solutions, such as the GreenStar range, which have also since then proven their value in other countries.

iNova Green has built a solid network of regional distributors in Germany, which enables them to supply nationwide. So whether the client is based in Bavaria, Ruhr-area, the north or in the east, there is a Mivena distributor nearby.

Apart from the Mivena fertilisers, iNova Green also offers other high-quality products like grass seeds, wetting agents and tailormade advice for the turf-professionals.
The former head-greenkeeper Günter Hinzmann supports the team now since 2018 with his outstanding knowledge and connections in the education of greenkeepers.

For more information about iNova Green and their activities, please visit their website or give them a call.