Focus on – Elkner Service in Poland

Elkner Service was founded in 1994 by Rafal Elkner in Skierniwiece in Central Poland. The company has become a household name in Poland for the agricultural, turf and ornamental plants industry and supplies everything their clients need including Mivena fertilisers since a decade ago.

Elkner Service takes part in many of the tradeshows in Poland such as the Green Is Life in Warsaw and many other smaller ones.

Mr Elkner and his team of specialists provide their clients not only with products, but also valuable advice on their crops.

Elkner Service offers a very extensive range of Mivena products; Granucote, GreenStar, Granupermanent, Granusports, Granuform, Grow-Cote, Field-Cote, GranuStar, Arbo-Cote, Granusol and Granufert are all in their portfolio and most analyses are available from their warehouse in Skierniwiece.

From landscapers to professional football stadiums, from strawberry growers to conifer producers, they all can find what they need to be succesful at Elkner Service.

For more information about Elkner Service and their activities, please visit their website, say hello at their stand on one of the tradeshows or give them a call.