Focus on CropHealth AB – Sweden

Focus on CropHealth AB – Sweden

Mivena’s  turf distributor in Sweden is CropHealth AB from Bromma (Stockholm). With many years of experience in the turfgrass market, Peter Strömberg and Daniel Pantzar regularly travel all over Sweden to visit golf courses, football clubs and other professional turf clients.

The Mivena fertilizer range has proven to be a very successful addition to the turf products portfolio of CropHealth AB, with volumes and satisfied customer  numbersgrowing every year.

CropHealth’s overall company focus is “Plant Health”, the guiding light for all new product innovations and selection, giving their customers even better tools to manage their turf in an environmentally-friendly manner. One of their innovations is the biostimulant Transit, which is also available in Granuform 16-0-22 + Transit. This combination of our very popular greens fertilizer Granuform with Transit has led to great results and very positive feedback from various European greenkeepers.

Both CropHealth and Mivena are proud of what has been achieved so far, yet remain eager to grow even further together over the coming years.

For more information about CropHealth AB, please visit their website or give them a call.