Field-Cote CRF

Product information

Field-Cote CRF

Field-Cote is a resin coated fertilizer specially developed for field grown cultures.

-Field grown tree nursery
-Strawberry fruit production
-Strawberry plant production
-Flower bulbs

Depending on the culture Field-Cote is produced containing coated nitrogen, phosphor, potassium and trace elements with a longevity of 3, 4, 5, 6 or 12 months.

Field-Cote offers a specific analysis and coating percentage for every field grown culture.

Field-Cote is the only total fertilizer with N, P, K, MgO + Trace Elements with Duration resin coating.

Field-Cote is developed as the smart base fertilizer. This means that with some cultures adjustments can be made with Granusol WSF