Field grown plant hole application with Field-cote

Every plant grower gets very excited again after the first spring sun. It’s time to get everything ready for the new planting season and plans of which varieties will be planted on which field, have already been made. Our Field-Cote®CRF is well known as a smart basic fertilizer for field-grown cultivations for an optimum fertilization of your crop throughout the entire growing season. But our Field-Cote®CRF SMART can also be used as a field grown plant-hole application in a one season and two season cultivation.

4 Reasons why we use Field-Cote®CRF SMART

  1. Efficiency: Most efficient nutrition release direct at rootzone and release based on soil temperature and specific needs.
  2. Quality: Constant release of nutrients for consistent growth and minimal stress.
  3. Smart growing: Optimized application for automated nursery to reduce labor and Easy to use by GPS plant-hole machinery.
  4. Cost saving: Less labor costs and less leaching, means less kilos fertilizer.

Contact our specialists for a SMART and complete advice specialized for your cultivation. Some crops require specific fine-tuning with fertigation- or foliar-application with Granusol WSF or Granufert WSF. After the second growing season, we will advise our Field-Cote CRF and Granustar CRF standard applications


Please find our Field-Cote CRF SMART leaflet here.


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