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Horti-Cote CRF

The complete base feeding fertilizer for pot and container cultures. Horti-Cote Plus is a product line available in all longevities, required for the various pot and container cultures in the horticultural industry. Horti-Cote Plus is a N+P+K+MgO+Fe+TE resin coated fertilizer, with a continuous release of nutrients related to the temperature. This results in an optimum fertilisation of the plants over the whole growing season. Horti-Cote is a N+P+K+MgO fertilizer that in contrast to Horti-Cote Plus does not contain trace elements.

Horti-Cote does not contain uncoated ingredients; this makes it ideal for use in compost mixing, top dressing or dosing directly in the planting hole.

Every standard analysis is available in various longevities for an optimum base fertilisation for the whole growing season. By using resin coating the leaching of the nutrients is minimal, the uptake of the nutrients optimum and the effect on the environment minimal.

There are no peaks or dips in the nutrient release of Horti-Cote and Horti-Cote Plus. This minimises the stress factors for the plant. Trials in different countries with the Horti-Cote range have shown more firm and better plants compared to the standard fertilisation by growers.

The total trace elements percentage is well balanced for pot and container cultures. All Horti-Cote Plus analyses contain a complete trace elements package.

Horti-Cote and Horti-Cote Plus are complete base fertilizers which minimises the need for additional feed.