over 25 years experience in producing specialty fertilizers

Turf & amenity

For every type of golf course, sport pitch, landscaping and public green we offer the right fertiliser. Read more ››

Field Grown


The intelligent base fertiliser is for field grown cultures such as trees, scrubs, ornamental plants, fruits and vegetables. Specially developed controlled release fertilisers are the base for getting the maximum result. Read more ››

Container nursery stock

Uniform CRF ensuring a controlled release of the nutrients in line with the need of the plant for optimal growth and a healthy crop. Mivena offers solutions for all fertilization applications for cultures in substrates. Read more ››

SOD production


Guaranteed results in turf production. Balanced analyses which contain trace elements and are specifically developed to the needs of your turf. Constant release of nutrients which makes the turf healthier, more stress resistant and less susceptible to moulds and diseases. Read more ››



Chry-Cote CRF is a resin coated fertilizer developed for field grown chrysanthemum in glasshouses. The controlled release of the nutrients guarantees a stable EC.
The efficient releases take care of less leaching and therefore lower salt levels in the drain water. Read more ››

Mivena & our goals

  • Mivena produces unique top-quality fertilisers for the professional users
  • Mivena focusses on three market segments; Turf & Amenity, Fieldgrown Cultures and Container Nursery Stock.
  • Mivena works closely together with its distributors to give the user an optimum product and service.
  • Mivena is a flexible organization always active on further development and advice.