Granusol WSF

Product information

Granusol WSF

Granusol is a 100% watersoluble fertilizer which can be used in all Turf & Amenity areas.

Greens, fore greens and tees often have to deal with stressful circumstances. Therefor it is a must that the turf is being kept in a perfect condition. On lean soils, such as sand based greens, a balanced nutrition can play an essential role in this process. A shortage of some nutrients can weaken the plant and provoke damage and diseases.

The trace elements Boron, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum and Zinc take care of a balanced fertilisation of the fine turf. Granusol WSF (water soluble fertilizer) also contains the elements  Magnesium and Iron, which are important for the colour of the grass. These trace elements are present in a chelated form EDTA, DPTA and EDDHA, so they remain available for the plant at all time and with all pH levels.

Complementary to the complete package of trace elements, Granusol WSF also contains MV10. MV10 is a vitamin package that stimulates the roots in the uptake of nutrients. Because of this the turf will be more able to cope with stress and is less vulnerable.

On fine turf Granusol WSF is being applied as a foliar feed. Granusol WSF is available in a wide range of analyses to ensure there is the right Granusol WSF for every situation.