The New Horti-Cote Topdress Special

Mivena’s standard Horti-Cote Topdress is a well respected product in the industry and known for it’s accurate longevities which allow growers to apply an extra dose of CRF fertilizer in container nurseries without fertigation. Now growers can even be more assured that Mivena’s Horti-Cote Topdress will stay on the same spot where it was applied as  we present a new product to our Controlled Release Fertilizers for nurseries: “Horti-Cote Topdress Special”.

The “Special” in this new product is the addition of a  substance that will allow the granules to stick to the substrate on top of the pot. For some growers this can be a very important feature if wind is a problem in the nursery or if they grow taller plants that become top-heavy. There is always the risk that wind will topple over one or several pots and as a result all the CRF fertilizer granules will be spilt. This is no longer a problem with the additional sticky feature.

The substance will not become active in the bag, but only after being applied on the pot after the first irrigation. It will enclose 99% of the granules on average, so if the plant falls,  the loss of fertilizer really is minimized. There are no downside effects to the release of elements to the plant. Every element of the Horti-Cote Topdress Special is biodegradable and non-toxic and therefore completely safe to use on any plant type.

The advantages:

  • No more spilt fertilizer due to toppled pots
  • Safe to use in windy areas
  • Glue will only be activated after application
  • No downside effect to liberation of nutrients
  • Biodegradeable and non-toxic
  • Long and short longevities available (3 to 12M)
  • High N as well as a High K formulation available