Mivena on the golf course

One of the most important working areas for Mivena are Golf courses. We have been supplying fertilizers to Golf courses all over Europe since the foundation of our company in 2003. As anyone who works in this sector knows, no two courses are the same. There are big differences from Northern to Southern Europe as well as members-only-clubs to pay-and-play clubs. Even two courses that are across the road from each other may have completely different requirements and greenkeeping styles. However, there is always a thin red line that can be spotted: all turf needs fertilizer. As it so happens, we at Mivena are experts in this field.

In this section, we would like to explain our ideas about different areas on the golf course and add some explanation about the products that we have made for these areas. Further below, there will be a highlight of a product that we believe offers something special in this time of year (Spring 2021).

Attention Area 1: Greens
Greens are the most non-natural area of the golf course, which, as the name implies, are always green. They are often made up of Agrostis, but there are other suitable turf species as well. Greens consist of very fine but highly dense swards that are cut remarkably short on a very regular basis. It is also one of the most stepped on areas, only beaten by tees (or in some cases: the bar in the clubhouse). Finally, to make management even easier: they are often signature areas where players notice every little bit of damage.

Such a highly demanding area calls for a maintenance strategy that makes the best of the situation. To keep the turf constantly regenerating and thus green and damage-restoring, we want to fertilize the sward constantly. However, we also want to keep the balance of nutrients under control such that the turf is as healthy and disease resistant as possible. At Mivena we came up with a strategy where we apply a base Slow Release Fertilizer with Methylene Urea which can be complemented by Water Soluble or Liquid Fertilizer. Our Slow Release Fertilizer for Greens is called Granuform. We will recommend anywhere between 3-6 applications per year of this fertilizer (which comes in many suitable formulations). To control for specific needs, we will recommend applying our Water-Soluble Fertilizer called Granusol on a (two-)weekly basis.

By following the strategy with Granuform, the greenkeeper is certain that the turf always has enough nutrients, independent of the weather, at a very low EC which is good for your sward. Furthermore, by applying Granusol, any quick deficiencies can be fixed. Finally, Granusol adds a specially formulated vitamin pack that increases vitality and nutrient uptake.

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Product highlight: Granuform 13-5-11 +2MgO + Traces
Especially for early spring, when temperatures can still be quite low overnight and in the mornings, we have formulated a fertilizer for greens: Granuform 13-5-11. This fertilizer provides a range of benefits that help “start up” the greens.

Firstly, the Nitrogen in this formula comes in 4 different varieties: Nitrate, Ammonium, Urea and Methylene Urea. The difference between these 4 sources of Nitrogen are basically the speed at which they become available to your turf. The higher the temperature, the more nutrients become available, so there is a perfect release-curve during these cold morning days.

Besides, 20% Methylene Urea just gives the fertilizer some longevity, without risking a stop in release if after a few weeks temperatures drop again. Methylene Urea consists of C-atoms that are placed in between Urea molecules and hence forging a chain of Urea. These C-atoms degenerate because of microbial activity in the rootzone, thus making Urea and then Ammonium consumable for by the turf. The longer these Urea chains, the more longevity the nitrogen will have.

Furthermore, this analysis of Granuform contains a highly soluble form of Phosphate. Phosphate is very important early spring in order to stimulate root growth and really start up your turf properly; both new as existing swards benefit highly from P in this period.

Finally, as with all Mivena’s Granuform products; the size of the granules is 0,5-1mm each which allows for a great nutrient distribution on the greens, even at lower doses. The product is very soluble so after irrigating it will be completely dissolved and invisible to the eye.

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Granuform 13-5-11

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