Mivena for nurseries

Mivena makes different polymer coated fertilizers for use in nurseries. We make different types of product, depending on the application. For mixing in substrate we make Horticote Plus CRF with longevities between 2-16 Months. For topdressing we make Horticote Top-dress CRF with longevities between 4-12 Months. Finally Arbocote is a very versatile product for larger pot-sizes with longevities between 6-12 Months.

Horticote Plus CRF consists of 100% coated NPK granules. Each granule has the same NPK + Trace elements inside and the size is between 2-4mm. The top-quality coating ensures an optimal release pattern which can be used on almost any crop grown in a pot. The fertilizer can either be mixed in the substrate or placed in the centre of the pot by dibbling. Since it is 100% coated, it is safe for young plants. This product has been tested and used from North-European climate to hot climates like North-Africa and the Middle-East without any problems. We make two different formulations of this product: a standard with high N and a version with high K for flowering plants.

Horticote Top-dress CRF is a mixture of Horticote Plus and a non-coated starter element. As the name suggests, it should be used for topdressing pots or containers. The starter element in the fertilizer will be available for the plant directly where the coated elements will be available over a longer period. It is perfect to use in plants that will not be repotted but need an extra nutrient boost for up to 8 Months. It can also be used as the base fertilizer in nurseries that do not have the possibility to give extra fertilizer in the irrigation water. This range of products is also available in a standard high N formulation as well as a high K variety.

Finally we have also made Arbocote CRF, which consists of a polymer coated part as well as an uncoated part. Furthermore it consists of a high portion of Magnesium which makes it very useful for larger plants. Arbocote can be mixed in the substrate for plants in pots that are larger than 10L. It can also be used as a topdressing product.