Hard water occurs when the amount of HCO₃ (bicarbonate) in the water is higher than 2,5mmol / ltr.

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I am very excited to send you all the very first Mivena newsletter. It is our intention to send you a new edition 2-3 times per year.

It is a very difficult time for all of us with the COVID-19, Corona virus, that has a very strong impact on everything of that we are all doing. As a reaction on the lockdowns in several countries as of mid March we experienced problems in getting the raw materials into our warehouse from our suppliers. Due to these delays we also had problems maintaining our production schedule and this caused in some cases later deliveries than that you are used from us.

Luckily this is going smoother now and I expect a normal stream of raw materials coming in the coming months. Regarding production in our factory; we have no issues other than the late arrival of some materials in April.

The team is working from home and they are trying to make the best of it, even though they are not able to travel and visit importers, dealers and customers. It is for them a new way of remaining in touch with all of you, but unfortunately they cannot see the results of our products.

In our newsletter we will update you with all kind of information regarding:
·       Upcoming events
·       Trials and results
·       New and/or improved products
·       General information about Mivena
·       Updates on the Mivena team
·       Specific highlights about countries
We hope this are interesting subjects for you and we are pleased to share this with you. I hope that we will be able to travel and meet each other personally again soon. I wish you all to stay healthy and to keep a positive spirit.
Best regards,

Louis de Kort
Managing Director

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Mivena produces different polymer coated fertilizers for use in nurseries. We make different types of products, depending on the application. For mixing in substrate we make Horti-Cote Plus CRF with longevities between 2-16 Months. For topdressing we make Horti-Cote Top-dress CRF with longevities between 4-12 Months. Finally Arbo-Cote is a very versatile product for larger pot-sizes with longevities between 6-12 Months.

Horti-Cote Plus CRF consists of 100% coated NPK granules. Each granule has the same NPK + Trace elements inside and the size is between 2-4mm. The top-quality coating ensures an optimal release pattern which can be used on almost any crop grown in a pot. The fertilizer can either be mixed in the substrate or placed in the centre of the pot by dibbling. Since it is 100% coated, it is safe for young plants. This product has been tested and used from North-European climate to hot...


Mivena is very active in blueberry cultivation. In collaboration with growers we are optimizing the fertilization schedules to the specific needs of the Blueberry.

Our experience over many years has taught us a lot and lead to the development of specialized fertilizers for blueberries, the correct fertilization strategy is essential for a successful result. Optimal is a combination of coated basic fertilizers in combination with a water-soluble fertilizer for the fine-tuning during the different crop stadia.
Enclosed a standard fertilization schedule how we use our coated fertilizer Field-Cote as a basic fertilizer.

This in combination with water-soluble fertilizers Granusol WSF Blueberry, which have been specifically developed according the needs of the Blueberry.

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