Improve your water quality for maximum result.

We as Mivena representatives like to talk about the benefits and high quality of our Granusol® water soluble fertilizers.
Things as solvability, “free flowing” crystal-line powder, EDHA, EDTH and EDDHA chelated, MV10 (vitamins and stimulators for better uptake of nutrients), perfect balanced traces, are important to mention.

These points are of minor importance if we do not first look at the quality of the starting water.
What is the bicarbonate level, pH, EC level, etc.
Optimal fertilization composition is different with hard as with soft water
Hard water occurs when the amount of HCO₃ (bicarbonate) in the water is higher than 2,5 mmol / ltr.

When choosing optimal fertilizer, we need to look at the acidifying – basic effect of our Granusol WSF products.

Good to know!
There is a “direct” pH effect what means the effect when the product is fully responded with the irrigation water what we see in this chart. 0 – 96 hours. (Granusol Blueberry).

When we look to total acidifying effect of the fertilizer during the growth in the substrate or soil we use a different calculation.

For the “theoretical” total effect we use the acidifying levels HCO₃ neutralization in mmol at 1 gram / liter in our Granusol WSF mmol overview.