Granustar® CRF guarantees a good quality in winter leek

During 3 seasons Mivena did trials in winter leek in cooperation with the Belgian trial center PCG. During those years we compared KAS (=Calcium Ammonium Nitrate) with Granustar® CRF.

We always used the same amount of N units per hectare. So, the leek plants always received the same amount of N during the season.

Variety: Vitaton (Nunhems)

Planting date: 19/07/2018
Planting date: 19/07/2019
Planting date: 18/7/2020

Harvest date: 06/02/2019
Harvest date: 24/03/2020
Harvest date: 25/03/2021

For the Granustar® CRF we used a one-time application before planting. For KAS there was an application before planting and after soil samples we had the opportunity for one or two extra fertilization in autumn or winter, depending on the needs of the plants.

For this trial we always used Granustar® CRF 38-0-0 and compared it with KAS (27-0-0). Depending on the soil samples every season we used a different number of kilograms. But the total N was the same for each plot in the trial.

For the results we took the average of the 3 seasons to make our results. If we look to the total yield, we have the same amount of tons per hectare.

The percentage of Flandria (highest quality) is slightly higher with the use of Granustar.

At the end of those 3 years we can conclude that with a one application of Granustar ® CRF we have a very good and high-quality product, that is even faster in cleaning after harvest.

If we look to the price of this coated product, we can even say that we are not more expensive.

  • We need less kilograms per ha
  • We save time/money with one application instead of 2 or even 3 applications with KAS
  • We save time/money with the cleaning of the leek after harvest
  • We have less losses of the leek caused by the tractor (only one fertilization before planting)

We calculated the total cost price. We used following figures to calculate: 0.55€/kg average price in March, total yield of 40 tons (in reality much higher but this is the average of the trial), and a labor cost of 18€/hour.