Focus on Ukraine

Since 2014 Agroenergopostach LLC is the distributing partner for Mivena in Ukraine. Inga Kostenko and her team are specialised originally in the soft fruit industry; such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries. The reason they started working with Mivena is that they want to be able to offer the best possible quality to their growers and other clients and see the Dutch industry as an example to the world.

Since the start of the cooperation many visits have been made by Agroenergopostach LLC to the Netherlands and by Mivena to Ukraine to get a better understanding of how things are done in both countries and how to learn from eachother. Agroenergopostach LLC is not only a supplier for the Ukrainian clients, but also a source of information on how to improve their results.

Agroenergopostach LLC has been supporting SAP berry club for more than 8 years, an organization of berry farmers, which was created to develop the berry business in Ukraine on the path to introducing advanced technologies and tools. The members of this club gain knowledge and information by attending large berry events in the Netherlands, which allows them to then apply the acquired knowledge in practice and give feedback to their colleagues according to the results. An important factor in the interaction of Agroenergopostach LLC with its customers is 24/7 counseling and information support. That was the key to the successful implementation of MIVENA products in the Ukrainian fertilizer market.

Due to the fact that Ukraine is not an EU-member and that there is still a war going on, the growth of Agroenergopostach LLC has been impressive. Not only are they the main supplier of specialty fertilisers for the fruit industry, they also supply landscapers, ornamental nurseries and agricultural clients. They managed to set a few new yield records in the past few years on tomatoes and wheat, which got mentioned on the national tv.

Thanks to their enthusiasm and marketing, Mivena has become a household name in the Ukrainian market and Horti-Cote Plus, Field-Cote and Granusol are known as the standard by the professional users.