Focus on – GPS in Austria

In Focus on, we put the spotlights on one of our partners. In this issue the focus is on GPS in Austria. GPS was founded in 1997 and is the Mivena partner in Austria since about a decade. During this period they have worked hard and became one of the leading companies in the fertiliser industry in Austria.

GPS is a daughtercompany of the Murhof-Group, the biggest golfcourse group in Europe with over 30 golfcourses. All the salespeople at GPS have a greenkeeper background and can speak from experience when they give their advise to other turfprofessionals.

Meanwhile GPS supplies many golfcourses, sportclubs and lawncare companies all over Austria. Often using the golfcourses of the Murhof-Group as their warehouses, which enables them to have a perfect network all over the country.

Not only do they supply the fertilisers, they can also spread them for their clients and offer other services such as grass seeds and maintenance.

For more information about GPS please visit their website or give them a call.