Factory 2020

In the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands, Mivena has set up a production facility with easy access to 2 main European ports: Antwerp and Rotterdam. The factory is also close to some important European North-South highways as well as easy access to Germany and Eastern-Europe. Due to this perfect location, Mivena can ship goods to any place in the world fast and efficiently.

In our production facility we produce between 6.000 and 7.000 tons of fertilizer each year. By combining top quality materials from renowned sources, we can limit our waste and provide our customers and end-users with high quality products.

As with most companies that work in our sector, demand of Mivena fertilizers is very seasonal. Therefore, in spring, we have slightly longer production times than in summer, nevertheless we strive to serve most customers within 10 business days. With our efficient production line and resource management system, we can make this deadline most of the time.

As you may have noticed on our bags, we always print the distributor or importer’s name and logo on the bag. This is possible due to our attention to detail in the production process.

We have our own laboratory where all incoming raw materials as well as all the outgoing products are tested for quality. For example, a sample of every batch of our coated products, such as Granucote and Horticote Plus, are tested by adding them to demineralized water and then placed in a controlled environment. This allows us to test the liberation of nutrients over time under a stable temperature of 25°C for 24hrs per day for the entire longevity of the products. If products do not perform to spec, we will find out quick enough.