About Mivena

Who are we?

In 2004 the company was founded by Louis de Kort. In the attic of his house, he designed the blueprint of the company; by working with top-quality suppliers and providing excellent, tailor-made service to his customers, he was able to break into a niche market. Now, 16 years later, the company still lives by the same values as in the beginning, however from the attic, we have moved to a nice office about 1Km away from where it all started. Instead of 1 person, we are now 15 and growing!

Nowadays Mivena works in three main sectors: Green spaces (turf), Fieldgrown crops and Container nurseries. Our specialty is to work with polymer coated fertilizers (Mivena is exclusive distributor of Duration CR©) in different growing situations. Together with our customers we develop custom fertilizer programmes that often include our coated fertilizers and combine it with our Water soluble and/or Methylene Urea fertilizers. With these types of products, we can really make any combination to add value to the end-user and as long as we keep our core values in sight, we will succeed.

Over the years we have trialed and perfected our products and fertilizer strategies. Official independent trials as well as field-trials with end-users show us every year that our products perform well in many different circumstances. Mivena products have proven their value from the Nordic climate to the Mediterranean. Much depends on the advice that goes with it, but working with top quality products goes a long way.

Now in 2020 we have started with a newsletter to keep you all informed about the progress and developments of this great company. We hope to see you soon and help you grow with us!